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With great pride we present a comprehensive career guidance program for the undergraduate students. In our ground breaking quest of discovering fresh talents, who will hold the keys of future projects, we designed "TECHNOSCOPE". It is a 3 layered symposium-cum-assessment system, to find out possible workforce with ability to be operational in creative industry tomorrow. In addition to assess employability, this program also includes different routes of self-employment.

We cater this module only in association with reputed graduation institites. We offer this mass workshop for absolutely free of cost to trainees. This module is targeted to clear the clouds of understanding career prospects in creative industry.

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type right


Publication industry requires workforce with command over software based text layout in combination with different elements. The ideal professional must have clear understanding of formatting, fonts, template and surely to release the project for mass production. Type-Right module is perfectly crafted to impart skills to handle international standard publication projects with application of futuristic technology.

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image i nation


Photographic excellence requires digital editing support. Image editing applications are widely used in creative industry and probably the most sough after basic skill to survive as a professional designer. Image-i-nation module deals with the core conception of digital image handling for versatile utilities. In addition to training in conventional image editing tools, this module also trains futuristic smart image editing and automated effort reducing techniques.

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victor of vector

Victor of Vector

Scalable vector graphics technology have crossed an extensive distance in last 15 years. The module Victor of Vector addresses the new age applications, the most favoured design platform for future projects. This module also trains combining raster and vector to generate incredible creative in minutes. Training in effort reducing methods and easy adaptation of parameters make this module unique.

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p layout


Layout is the final step of creative design, where elements are positioned to come out with a good composition. It also deals with commercial sizes in terms of cost aspects. We train to play in this high altitude of creative design, as strong knowledge of elements and output hold the key to successful layouts. P-Layout is a module one-of-its kind, as it is beyond the scope of design institutional studies. The module is more case study based and rely less on rules and theories.

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A deisgn is incomplete and attain no commercial value until it is released for mass prodcution. Where universal symbol language speak the entire production guidelines, specifications, workflow and quality control. This operations, generally called as artwork generation requires in-depth elligibility and responsibility to bring out high-quality and productivity. Smartwork module trains to handle extensive technical requirements to finish off a creative project in a smart manner, like a highly experienced technocrat.

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